Social Responsibility

Language Select has an environmental declaration. We are minimizing pollution and promoting policies to preserve our natural environment. We are industry leaders in encouraging Green First Programs and supporting our local environmental groups.

Our organization is setting strict guidelines in conjunction to best practices for green preservation within our workplace and to encourage all our employees to observe the same practices at home, as well as in public. Aside from Company policies, we are constantly researching better ways to do business while safeguarding and enhancing the world around us. See how we do it at Green First

We care about our environment. We want our children to grow up healthy on a green planet. Language Select is the only Green Company in our industry.

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Commitment to Our Clients

Language Select pledges to do business honestly and with transparency. We promise to be respectful and sensitive to your company policies. We depend on your business and we will be reliable and accountable to you.

We will provide world class service. We will ensure that every interpretation is accurate and is delivered with excellent customer service. We will always be proactive and constantly strive to enhance our service quality. Our goal is to exceed your expectations.

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Corporate Governance

Language Select's Managing Directors have commitment to our corporate policies for code of ethics and code of conduct. We have unwavering principles when it comes to integrity, transparency and spirit of fairness. Our organization is committed to providing the best possible professional environment for our team members. In return, every employee is responsible for respecting and treating other team members fairly and with professional courtesy at all times. We ask for the same decency, humility and tolerance from every level of employee.

We promote health, safety and professional development as ongoing programs. We proudly invest in our team members and our team members invest in us.

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Compliance and Security

Language Select interpreters have years of interpreting experience in all types of industries. Our Company policies comply with Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) and Payment Card Industry Security Standard (PCI). We are compliant with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services (CLAS). We understand our role in making your business more profitable and in conforming to compliances.

Our Company takes security very seriously and protecting your information is a priority. Language Select adheres to strict corporate confidential and information security guidelines. All customer information is protected behind multiple layers of firewalls. See Best in Class Technology We have multiple levels of customer protection coverage including criminal background clearance for our employees. Furthermore, our interpreters adhere to strict confidentiality as prescribed in the Professional Interpreters Code of Ethics.

We adhere strictly to our corporate risk management policies and have comprehensive insurance coverage. Our insurance portfolio includes professional liability, E & O and crime insurance coverage. Language Select is your partner in business.

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Risk Management

Our risk management strategy and policy involves every level of employee in our organization. Language Select believes effective risk management will govern our sustainability and our reliability in order to seamlessly serve our clients. The strategy and policy will enhance our operational effectiveness, create wealth for our employees and enrich customer experience.

Main principles of risk management begin with our Managing Directors' commitment to responsible and effective risk management process. Each manager adheres to and enforces the principles of corporate risk management policies. Risk identification (including opportunity with risks), risk assessment, risk response and risk monitoring are part of our daily management functions.

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Business Continuity

Language Select has a solid foundation of technology, ensuring our clients with reliable systems and services. Our telecom equipment is state of the art, and our networks are built with cutting edge platforms and best in class technology. Database servers are clustered, and we have parallel servers for redundancy. Our facility has dual feeds of fiber, and we have service agreements with telecommunication carriers to ensure that any failover is programmed at the highest level of their communication networks. See Best in Class Technology

Business continuity is a priority and Language Select operates with a notion of zero downtime. We truly offer reliable service and dependable partnership.

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